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The misguided monster in the doc marten boots.

10 October 1985
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Care and Feeding Instructions
Homo sapiens - female
Appearance Brittany is usually found in camo cut-offs, flip-flops, band shirts and bandanas. Attempts to alter this trend in garment choice is usually met with hostility, and if forced, results in rapid degeneration of the Brittany's mood. The Brittany is a very cleanly creature, and spends a fair amount of her time grooming herself. Degeneration in the quality of her physical appearance is usually indicative of stress or illness. However, sudden and drastic changes in appearance, especially hair color, are normal.
Average Size 5 feet 4 inches
Average Lifespan 70-90 years with proper care
Housing The Brittany's natural habitat is a small and cluttered room, busily decorated with adornments depicting various "bands" that Brittany listens to, as well as other items of interest. If this area becomes too bare, it appears too large and overwhelms her, and Brittany is known to add more adornments until it is once again adequately cluttered. Necessary items for the Brittany include resting places (beanbag chairs, bed), a source of audio entertainment, a phone, a TV and a computer. Without these Brittany becomes bored and enters a lethargic state. The bed is an important item, and should be as comfy as possible, since the Brittany is a nocturnal creature and spends most of the day sleeping.
Feeding Brittany should be fed with a steady supply of steak, breakfast cereals, waffles, popcorn and poptarts. A supply of bottled and/or filtered water is also a neccesity for proper care.
General Care The Brittany requires large amounts of audio-visual stimuli, mainly in the form of music, television shows and movies, but also including internet sites to a lesser extent. The majority of this stimuli should be from "metal", "punk" and "rock" music. Whenever possible, this music should be presented in the form of live concerts. Being a social creature, regular and frequent exposure to other homo sapiens is an absolute requisite to Brittany. It is advised to observe initial interactions carefully, however, as exposure to the sub-species "retardimus maximus" often results in Brittany "ripping them a new one". Another key part of Brittany's social interaction should include the sub-species known as "boyus attractivum". During this interaction, one should not be alarmed if the Brittany enters a seemingly vegetative state, characterized by smacking of the lips and/or drooling. This is natural. Also, the Brittany becomes extremely aggresive when forcefully removed from the presence of the "boyus attractivum".
Sources "The Wild Brittany" by chaoticdreamer4

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